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Dew Mighty - Dynamic Duo
Dew Mighty - Dynamic Duo
Dew Mighty - Dynamic Duo

Dew Mighty - Dynamic Duo

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Kickstart Fabulous Skin!

A starter pack of Dew Mighty's first launched BLOOM (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar with a choice of your refillable container. Choose between our two refillable container designs: Wood Grain or Water Ripples to start your skin care regime.

Dew Mighty put together a no-nonsense omega rich formula based on Jojoba, Olive, and Squalane that activates when swiped to Nourish + Calm your skin. BLOOM is enriched with lush floral oils each containing naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants to help keep the skin balanced and radiant.  It evens the appearance of skin tone with stabilized vitamin C and help tame redness with a specialized licorice extract combined with German blue chamomile. Skin dryness and stressors won’t stand a chance.

✅ Adds Light + Long Lasting Nourishing Moisture
✅ Evens Spots & Brightens Tone
✅ Calms + Reduces Redness & Inflammation
✅ Smooths & Keeps Skin Youthful Glow

BLOOM actively promotes a healthier appearance and superior moisturization for all skin types.