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The Sun Crew Siargao

We strongly believe that environmental stewardship isn’t about just working with high-profile organizations. Our vision is to work with a range of institutions that benefit from participation and connectivity in an international context. This expanding list of partners includes charity projects, local schools, social enterprises too. We are proud to announce The Sun Crew as our host charity, with direct support from I LIVE ECO in two ways. First, we offer publicity and awareness through our local advertising, events and online activities. Secondly, thanks to the quick growth of our customer base, I LIVE ECO is able to fulfill on its commitment to donate 1% of its revenue from online sales to our selected charity.

About The Sun Crew

The Sun Crew is a environmental non-profit surf organisation based on Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines. They use surfing as a tool to build brighter futures for local children and to protect the environment. They provide free surfboard use and lessons in exchange for children's participation in sustainability and education programs. The programs are designed to teach children about the importance of protecting the natural environment and to give them skills and opportunities that will help alleviate poverty and improve their future prospects. The Sun Crew is working to address the environmental and socio-economic threats associated with rapidly expanding tourism and to ensure that local people are benefactors of tourism on their island.

What does The Sun Crew stand for? 

The Sun Crew are working to ensure that children have the education and skills necessary to prevent their futures being defined by poverty. They believe strong English skills are essential for success and they focus on this in their programs. They also believe environmental education is essential in ensuring that the Sun Crew children are leaders in the fight to protect their local environment.

The Sun Crew is working to raise a generation of children who will be custodians of the natural environment and play a key role in preserving Siargao Island and its bounty of natural resources. Their environmental projects work to reduce waste, increase segregation and upcycling and remove significant amounts of waste from the ocean.

The Sun Crew believes that empowering local children with skills and opportunities gives them the ability and desire to demand more of themselves and their local communities. They expose Sun Crew members to opportunities that expand their worldview and give them the passion to work hard to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

We hope you’ll take a moment to consider some of the incredible initiatives headed up by The Sun Crew, including partnerships with local education leaders and waste reduction and upcycling programs. Above all, I LIVE ECO recognizes the ways in which environmental education and ongoing youth development are strongly tied to the future health of our planet. The smile of each child positively impacted by Sun Crew’s financial and organisational support is a testament to its value and place in the community.

How does I LIVE ECO choose which charities to support?
The Sun Crew has been chosen as I LIVE ECO's host charity specifically for its grassroots approach and framework of environmental education. The philosophy behind giving 1% revenue from online sales to this charity is simple: we believe all children from all backgrounds deserve real opportunities. As a Canadian owned and run company, our income is generated from the sale of consumer goods from sustainable sources. We take great care in our research and guarantee the authenticity of our products to meet eco-industry-standard practices. By committing to giving 1% of our revenue to an established and respected education project in a developing country, we are able to provide a significant number of less privileged children with access to quality education opportunities, while serving to protect one of our most valuable shared resources: the oceans.

You, our customers and partners
Like us, our online shoppers are eco-conscious and they want to reflect their values around sustainability and stewardship in the choices they make about spending and giving. I LIVE ECO proudly offers products that make a difference.

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