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What Does My Behaviour Towards the Single-Use Plastic Straw Problem Actually Say About Me?

We’ve all heard about the problem, we’re personally guilty for having use it ourselves, seen the litter in our local beaches, parks, rivers, and other areas in our neighbourhoods and cities.  Yes, single-use plastics, is a major pain-point that impacts the environment, the planet and of course, all of us, the people.
Many environmentalists, even its purists, believe that a small change can cause the biggest impact, at the very least behaviorally. In this case, the small change refers to the change in our behaviour when it comes to single-use plastics, specifically Plastic Straws.
So we here at Karunaki, invite you to tell us which of these eco lifestyle types fits you the most?  Be sure to share and comment on this post:
“THE ECO BOSS” HAS THE BIGGEST IMPACT, BIGGEST CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE, AND IS THE MOST AUTHENTIC AND POWERFUL ECO GURU:Outrightly refuse to use any single-use plastics in your life, change your diet to organic vegan, embrace van-living, never drive a gas-fueled car ever again, ride a bike or take transit wherever you go, save with the whales, protest the cutting down of rainforest trees, petition the banning of animal cruelty and factory farming, etc. therefore THE BOSS.
“THE PAPER STRAW DON” IMPACTFUL, USE PAPER STRAWS INSTEAD, though a better alternative to risking drinking from an unsanitary glass served at bars and restaurants, you can unfortunately expect your straw to get mushy within 20-30 minutes of your drink being served.  So drink up, fast, or you’ll find yourself with a non-functioning mushy mess!  But wait, where does all this paper come from and how is it actually made?
“MR AND MRS BOROSILICATE” STILL A BIG IMPACT BUT RISKS A JAGGED SEPARATION - using glass straws are still WAY better than plastics by any account; however, even highly tampered and well treated glass are still known to break in the mildest conditions, risking painful outcomes to those who use it.
“THE STAINLESS BLUE STEEL” LITTLE CHANGE TO LIFESTYLE, BUT DO STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS ACTUALLY RESULT IN POSITIVE CHANGE?When you’re looking at the manufacturing process of a reusable straw, i.e. from Raw to Straw, stainless steel does still require mining, refining and processing activities.  From a carbon-footprint perspective, it might actually not be the best option from a holistic point of view.
“THE ECO MAVERICK” ADOPTS LITTLE CHANGES TO LIFESTYLE, YET STILL DELIVERS HUGE AND AUTHENTIC IMPACT LIKE THE ECO BOSS: Live an attainable eco lifestyle and make a difference with the planet using your very own Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straw wherever you go for whatever occasion.  Bamboo is the most sustainable plant available and bamboo straws have shown to have minimal environmental impact during manufacturing steps, and they harvested and handcrafted by bamboo farmers.
At Karunaki, we ask you to take a stand, and become the Eco Maverick, and if you’re ever up for it, you can work your way up to becoming the Eco Boss; but being the Eco Maverick means little change to your current life and still leave a huge impact.
With little change to your lifestyle, and little commitment needed on your part, YOU can actually help heal the planet.  Come and join our small yet growing communityand share your thoughts and start an Eco Journey with us. 
In the meantime, we highly encourage you to start your Eco Journey today and get yourself, your friends and family a pack of these Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws at Amazon, and get them shipped within 2-days of ordering them using Prime. 

Because at the end of the day: WE live eco, do you?
With love and compassion,
Team Karunaki

Photocred: Chris Stanley