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The Perfect Valentine's Gift

The story remains evergreen and fresh to our hearing about the courageous story of love demonstrated by St. Valentine himself. A story that tells of courage, love, and sacrifices extended by a man to all.

The miracle that Valentine’s Day brings is the opportunity to express our deepest love and share the most vulnerable parts of ourselves with the most important person or people in our life.  Whether we are partnered or not, we often consider ending the day of love with an exchange of gifts.

While some of us contemplate romantic getaways, boujee dinners, or expensive jewelry, others may contemplate on giving practical, everyday gifts, that in many ways, are just as noble, unique and priceless.

This article is for both the dreamy and the pragmatic.  

Why not give a gift that gives back?  This, in many ways, is quite romantic in itself.  Love is selfless, it’s kind. Putting aside any of the commercialism that Valentine’s Day might bring, you might see that beneath it all, there is pure intent.  It brings us closer to one another, allows us permission to love fully without constraint, and for some, a new hope for new love, and an opportunity for self-love and self-care.

A Valentine’s gift can capture these very moments where we let ourselves fall in love again and be loved, by others and ourselves. Why not give a gift that gives back?  

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider giving your loved one an eco-friendly gift on Valentine’s Day:

  1. You automatically become part of a solution to a problem that has been going on for decades upon decades.  You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you make a difference everyday, simply by choosing an eco-friendly product.
  1. Eco living promotes a healthier, toxic-free lifestyle. It will strengthen your will to lead a healthier lifestyle, which in itself is self-love and self-care. Habit is a matter of practicing a certain lifestyle, and that includes using products that are aligned with your values.
  1. Live guilt-free, lead by example and be the kind of person who knows what’s up with the planet; be a person who is actually doing something about it and have absolutely no fear in expressing your stand by staying true to your beliefs.  Be the kind of person that makes a difference.

Underneath all of our pretenses, fears, anger, or negative emotions, lies the truest expression of what it means to be a human being for another human being, which is unbridled expression of compassion and love for one another.

At Karunaki we believe the planet is a living being - our mother earth; breathing, giving, and forgiving...show your love back and get something completely different this Valentine’s.

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Shown above: I LIVE ECO Bamboo Tumblers Naked Wood or Obsidian Black

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Basic Eco Tote Bag


Urban Lined Eco Tote Bag


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With love and compassion,

Team Karunaki

Top Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Middle Photo by Chris Stanley