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Keeping Sane in a Chaotic World: How Helping the Environment Helps Your Mental Health

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Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

Worrying about the bills, going to work every day, maintaining some semblance of a social life, and on top of that having to watch all the crazy things you see on the news? Sounds stressful.

But growing research says that doesn’t need to be the case. By leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you can leave a lasting impact on both the environment and your mental health. That’s right. Going green can definitely make you feel happier and fulfilled, and here are the reasons why.


It Reflects Well on You

Job well done

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By buying eco-friendly products and practicing sustainable habits, you’re doing good work for the environment, and that says something about who you are as a person. At least, this study published by Frontiers in Psychology seems to agree. The study found that people who exhibited more environmentally-friendly behavior generally had a more positive self-image.

Simply practicing sustainable behaviors does wonders for your self-esteem by altering the way you see yourself. Think about it. Would you prefer the careless person who litters everywhere they go or the person who makes an effort to recycle?


It Makes You Feel Fulfilled

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Living eco means you’re not just trudging through the mundane. Each day is an opportunity for you to do your part in helping the environment, whether it’s through volunteering, going to seminars or even just talking about the issue with friends and family. It also means you have a goal in mind, a purpose. And for many, that’s enough to live a fulfilling life.

Does more work sound tiring? Well, it isn’t. In fact, having a purpose makes you feel more ready to take on the day’s challenges and gives you the energy and motivation to walk out of the house with a smile on your face.


It Forces You to be Creative

Artist creative in nature

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

There are so many ways to recycle, so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint and so many ways to create compost. And even though there are resources out there like our blog that continuously offer new, inspired ways to repurpose an old piece of cardboard, you can also think of your own.

Incorporating creativity in your life is a surefire way of beating stress and anxiety as well as enhancing your problem solving skills, according to this article from Medical News Today.


It Makes You Feel Like You Belong


Image by Henning Westerkamp from Pixabay 

People of all ages and sexes experience loneliness throughout their life, and it’s a growing epidemic. Feeling like we belong is a huge deal, because of course, everyone wants to feel valued and loved. But the eco life isn’t just a one-person mission; it’s a movement.

The sustainable lifestyle has led to communities sprouting in every corner of the globe, both online and offline. Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and even Reddit are not only useful places to start learning from other environmentally-conscious individuals, but also great places to get in on the conversation. And make sure to check out any local initiatives. Volunteering for eco-friendly events is also a guaranteed way to meet other people with a common goal.

When you live eco, you’re never alone.


It Eases Environmental Anxiety

Eco anxiety

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay 

Eco-anxiety is a very real phenomenon. All the negative emotions regarding the world’s environmental crises can add up, depending on how concerned you are about them, and they can start to take a toll on your mental health. It can range from brief cases of shock or fear to even sleep disorders.

The easy way of resolving this is by taking action. By cleaning up after yourself and reducing your carbon footprint you can alleviate a lot of the feelings of guilt and worry that have built up, and hopefully, it can allow you to breathe easy and live with a free conscience.



The key here is to adjust your mindset. While living sustainably is a major step, it is only one piece of the puzzle. It ultimately falls on you to reach from within. Go at your own pace, and eventually you’ll be living the life that you want by giving the Earth the care and respect it deserves.


With love and compassion,

Team Karunaki