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How To Educate Others On Eco-Friendliness Without Being Pushy

Ever heard had someone knock on your door to try to sell you on an ideology? What about someone telling you that consuming or doing something makes you a horrible person? No one likes that person. Someone may be passionate about something and have the best intentions, but if they come to you preaching til the cows come home, the message won't come across. The same applies to the lower/zero-waste lifestyle. You do it because it feels good. You do it for your health. You do it because it saves the planet. But you certainly don't do it to put down other people. So here are four ways to educate others on your lifestyle with the most gracious way possible.

1) Show, Don't Tell 

Showing how you live is a lot more powerful than showing why you live the way you do. When you get invited to a party, bring your own single use utensils and containers if disposable ones will be used. People will naturally be curious and ask questions, and when they do, you can have a genuine conversation about the benefits of long term use items. The conversation can be short and sweet if they don't seem that interested, and as long and passionate as you'd like if they seemed to want to know more! The key is to be in tune with the other person's social cues. 



Social media is a powerful tool. It has the power to rally communities together, unite and educate people. Use your social media platforms as a form of self-expression. You see something that upsets you? Share it. We all remember that viral turtle video with the straw stuck in its nose. Or the skin to bones polar bear starving for food. Stories move people. Stories unite people. And most importantly, the move them into action. When you read a blog article, watch a documentary, see something in the news, by all means share it. Sharing is caring :-) 


If you meal plan every week because you only want to utilize your oven once, and store your food in re-usable containers, have a meal planning party!  Grocery shop with your friends, and spend a night cooking, and storing food together. It saves time, money, and it's eco-friendly. It will help your friends eat healthier, avoid spending money on fast food (and therefore creating more waste), and keep more money in their pockets. Who can say no to that! You can get as creative as you'd like with this one.


Every now and then you will encounter that friend or family member that just doesn't understand, and belittle your life choices. In those instances, it's easy to get angry and want to start preaching. Simply stand firm in your convictions and move on. If you are gifted products that  don't abide by your standards, it's okay to kindly say no and educate the gifter. Don't cave in to peer pressure. You believe what you believe and it's okay. Just like you respect other people's choices, your choices should be respected as well.

Now go on our social media, and share with us a piece of content that inspired you to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

With love and compassion,

Team Karunaki

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