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How Eco Living is a Cause for Celebration. Happy Chinese New Year!

How Eco Living is a Cause for Celebration. Happy Chinese New Year!

Arguably it is referred to as one of the major and biggest holiday in the world. It is the Chinese New Year holiday and one quarter of the world will be participating in it. From research, the world population is about 7.7 billion and about 2 billion of the world population will be participating in this celebration. Several countries like china, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, North Korea, Singapore, and some other Asian countries will be having a holiday in celebration of this day.

The Chinese New Year otherwise called the spring festival is celebrated on the first day of the lunar year. Individuals all over the world come home to have dinner and celebrate with their love ones and wishing them luck and good health in the future.

While sharing the red envelope, make sure to spread the hope message of being eco friendly. Are you interested in being and eco ambassador, do you want to be a part of a sustainable system? All you have to do is research and participate in several ongoing programs that promote environmental protection. University like tufts has programs to training individuals who are interested in becoming an eco ambassador and there are many other programs online that assist in being and eco ambassador. There are a lot of opportunities attached to be an eco ambassador like becoming an agent of change and your lifestyle will start affecting the way things are been done, accessibility to resources that promote sustainability, you become the protector of earth, it will aid your professional development and many more.

There is no better opportunity than to pass on the goodwill and importance of being eco friendly. While celebrating the spring festival, be a functioning eco ambassador. Take it upon yourself and make consultation with friends and start making awareness to individual about the rapid rate of pollution in the environment, promote the use of eco friendly product and encourage the eco lifestyle. Let people be aware of the benefit attached to being eco friendly and its positive impact on the society.

While having the family dinner, make sure to prevent the usage of materials like hard plastic and other products that are not eco friendly. In one of our recent post we discussed about some eco friendly product that are advisable for usage. Don’t just be an ambassador that commands and say but be the type that explains and act, give instances on the merit and demerit of products we used.

Make it a point of duty to talk to several individual as to why we need to support the use of eco friendly product, try as possible to prevent any activities or usage of materials that will cause pollution and deteriorate our health. While going into the celebration we should keep this at mind:

  1. Your activities must be eco friendly as possible.

  1. Do not waste food rather compost all waste.

  1. Make use of eco friendly technologies and product for example finds a firecracker that is eco friendly.

  1. Lavish your dressing and lifestyle with eco materials.

  1. Don’t forget to be an eco ambassador, someone might be listening to you, give him substantial reasons to be convinced and let them read our newsletter for more information. The season to celebrate, the season to protect ourselves and environment!

With love and compassion,

Team Karunaki

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Photo by Thomas Despeyroux on Unsplash