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5 ways to Start Living an Eco Lifestyle with Minimal Change and Still Having a Big Impact

Starting the New Year evoke emotional conviction in many people to start ‘anew’ with the purpose to reach better versions of themselves, whether that be reaching new fitness goals, enriching positive attitudes towards life or spending more time being of service to others.

Consider for a moment the third option, being of service to others, as a valid reason to live an eco lifestyle.  How is living an eco lifestyle being of service to others? Living an eco lifestyle is a selfless act of kindness for the betterment of everyone else living on this planet.

The term “Living an Eco Lifestyle” has many varied definitions, depending with whom you speak.  In one of our articles, we covered the many different behaviour types of people adopting small changes to live an eco lifestyle.  However, for this article, we call on those who want to do something new, something to better themselves with, and something to be very proud of as a contributing member of this planet, with very realistic, manageable, and doable changes.

Here are 5 ways to Start Living an Eco Lifestyle with Minimal Change and Still Having a Big Impact:

1. Take Alternative Transport, Walk and Bike Wherever Possible

Many metropolitan cities have public transit systems, making travel from one part of the city to the next very accessible; some cities even have sophisticated car-sharing programs, and others offer bike-sharing programs as well.  Also, when possible, walk where you can! Not only does walking minimize your overall carbon footprint and heal the planet, it’s also a low-impact exercise that helps heal your body.

But what if you live in the suburbs and rural areas, where public transport, walking, nor even biking, are a realistic option?  That’s easy. Just schedule your visits into town, school or workplace, in a smart way like clubbing multiple activities in as little car rides possible.

And remember, if you are walking and biking regularly, remember to keep yourself hydrated.  Here’s another suggestion, keep your hot or cold drinks in our eco-friendly bamboo tumbler travel mugs in Wood or Black design!

2. Make Meatless Mondays A Habit

Did you know that, Per Day, a Vegan Diet saves, 1,100 gallons of water, 45 lbs of grain, 30 sq. feet of forest, 20 lbs of CO2, and 1 animal’s life?  

Per Year, that equates to, 401,500 gallons of water, 16,425 lbs of grain, 10,950 sq. feet of forest, 7,300 lbs of CO2, and 365 animals’ lives?

Even if you take one vegan day of your week, even just one vegan meal, has a huge bearing on the planet!

Here’s one of our favourite Vegan cookbooks to give you a headstart on cooking vegan!  https://amzn.to/2QLAInM And no, not everything has to be Soy!

Source for Vegan Statistics from @VegHeadsTO https://vegheadsto.com

3. Read Up on Eco Blogs and Emulate Eco Leaders

In our last post, we shared the Top 10 Eco Influencers to follow this year. Just like a teacher to a student, a business mentor to a new entrepreneur, or a Yoda to his Luke, everyone can benefit from learning from those who have been down the road and have a lot of wisdom to share.  Following an Eco Leader will give you new ideas and guided direction in living an eco lifestyle.

Obviously, for you independents out there, and prefer to choose your own path and learn all this on your own, hey more power to you!  To add to your arsenal, we can send you eco living tips directly into your inbox by joining our community!

4. Use Cruelty-free Health and Beauty Products

As with the benefits from eating one vegan meal to going vegan one day a week, using cruelty-free products also makes a difference.  Stay tuned and come back to our store for our spring collection as we announce our new Deocreams (deodorant paste) that is not only good for your body, but also great for the planet.

One of our favourites is Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics!

5. Portable Renewable Energy

Inspired by a friend of ours, we saw him skating downtown with this Portable Solar Energy panel attached to his backpack.  This charged his cell phone whilst using the power of the sun! You can charge this solar charger anywhere, on your backup, lay it out in your car, or by a window, whether it’s hot or cold, you can source solar energy.

Check out this portable solar charger!

That’s just a tidbit of tips you can use in your everyday life and STILL be a contribution, no matter how small of a change you make, YOU still make a difference.  And imagine if your friend does it too, and their friend, their friends’ friend, etc.? A ripple effect: many small changes make the biggest impact. So be sure to Share this post and join our community!

With love and compassion,

Team Karunaki

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