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5 green ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day


Green Your Valentine's Day

Chocolates, roses and candle lit dinners are often what come to mind when celebrating on February 14th but traditional Valentine’s Day activities aren’t always eco-friendly. This V-Day, show the planet some love by injecting a little green into your red and pink holiday. Here are five simple ways to celebrate while keeping it green:


1. Keep it green & local

If food is your love language, consider speaking in ways that show your appreciation for your valentine and for the planet. Cooking dinner at home? Keep at least part of the meal vegetarian or vegan for a smaller eco-footprint. If you’re eating dinner out, consider restaurants that source their ingredients locally, or completely zero-waste restaurants. This is a great way to keep it green while supporting local eco-businesses.


2. Fair-trade chocolate is always sweeter

Over 35 million boxes of chocolate are sold each year for Valentine’s Day. Despite this boost in sales, the profits don’t trickle down to most cacao farmers, who continue to live in poverty. Gifting fair-trade chocolate this Valentine’s Day is an eco-friendly way to support farmers who supply our favourite treats, and helps ensure that our chocolate is cultivated sustainably, while those who work on the cacao farms get paid a living wage.


3. Spread the love to your community

This year, go beyond showing your love for just one person, and spread it to those in need in your own community. Take your Valentine’s chocolates, food, treats and love to a local shelter and share your love with others to capture the true spirit of the holiday.


4. Ditch red for green

Roses on Valentine’s Day are always more expensive than other times of the year. But the true cost of the bouquet is higher than you think. Roses are often cultivated in greenhouses that use artificial light and heat before being transported in trucks. Imported roses travel thousands of miles to sit on your beloved’s table for a week. This year, give your love an eco-friendly potted plant instead of roses. Plants are simple to source locally, last longer, are easy to care for, and can even provide health benefits like maintaining indoor air quality.


5. Date sustainably

Theatre tickets or weekend getaways can be super romantic for Valentine’s day, but they can also be pricey and aren’t necessarily eco-friendly. If you want to go out and keep it green, consider an outdoor activity for you and your love to do together. Cycle to the nearest beautiful outdoor spot for a picnic, hike through the nearest greenspace, or even go for a city stroll and enjoy the architecture on foot. Whatever you choose, eco-friendly can still be ultra-romantic.